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Fresh Live Rock from Florida.  This rock is cultured in the Gulf of Mexico for years before it is harvested. 

Cultured manmade live rock was dental plaster cast then PAINTED and submerged for a short questionable time. They call it "cultured"

                          Friday through Monday is our best selection

       We offer Live Rock that is displayed with fish in same aquarium

LRS Reef Foods    Wow--  Fish love it   selling well

Fresh Reed Tiger Pods(live), Oyster Feast, R.O.E. and Arctic Pods

Fresh DTS Phyto Plankton

Frags   Frags and more frags    plus we have a lot of specimens cultured locally

There are 6-125 Gallon Aquariums with Coral, Polyps and Live Rock for sale. 

A large amount of our specimens are now cultured

We have our Ocellaris clowns plus other Tank Bred clowns(   Black Bar Occellaris & Black Occelaris      Wyoming White     Black SnowFlake         Percula   

We also offer for sale:                                 LRS Frozen Foods      
 BulkHeads( 3/4, 1& 1 1/2")            Phytoplankton  DTS              Reed MariCulture Products         Wooden Airstones                           FUEL for reefs by Aquavitro                 Coral Smoothie 
 ReVive Coral Cleaner                  Piscine Mysis Shrimp              Frozen Coral Gumbo                  

           There are 34 saltwater aquariums for the fishes featuring Tank Bred Clowns.