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The biggest difference in Monfort Aquarium is the way we keep our fish.  All of our aquariums are seperately maintained. These aquariums are all independant to minimize the possibility of disease transmission. Virtually every other store uses central filtration systems.It is a lot less work BUT exposes every fish to any disease in their systems. We have over 115 seperate freshwater aquariums and  over 35 saltwater aquariums. 

Our Pets and Fish are special to us. They belong to us first and we care about them. We work hard every day to make sure that they have all the care and attention they need.  We worry more about the type of care that they will receive when they leave our store than anything else.

Monfort caters well to young families as well as established pet keepers. Our staff works well with beginners and we are very understanding in helping  you to be a successful owner. We want people that understand the responsibility of pet ownership and accept that responsibility as caretakers for any of our little friends,We want your family pet to be an enjoyable experience for years to come.