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Locally Raised Fish:   , Guppies( several colors),   BristleNose Pleco (high Red)
 Angels(Blue,  Black Lace,Black, Gold Marble), Longfin Albino and High Red  Plecostomus.We have several local breeders that we get fish from.

We get 2 to 4 freshwater shipments and 2 Saltwater shipments each week.
The inventory is always changing here.  Please call during business hours for current inventory and pricing.

 Freshwater Live Plants           New  plants weekly                Anubias on Rock
    Val Plants  ( Corckscrew,  Italian  & Jungle)                                     Anubias Barteri
                                                                Too many others to list                            



       Dwarf Hamsters           Normal African_Frog    FireBelly Toad       Dwarf_Frog  
        Ball Python                Baby Parakeets

                       We frequently have Tarantula,  Leopard Geckos, Bearded dragons
Weekly shipments of these animals.  Always call for on hand   availability.


                       Hermit Crabs(_Lots_of_accssories)                            

         Prices and availability can change frequently   Please call for on hand items